In 2001, our group, the Nova Scotia Antique Engine & Tractor Association (NSAETA), and the executive of the Hants County Exhibition in Windsor, Nova Scotia, signed an agreement that allowed us to construct a building on an already available flat foundation measuring 23 feet by 90 feet. Buildmaterial were found and many hands made light work.

The first group building days were June 9th and 10th, 2001. Within 9 weeks, the building was water tight and locked. This building has electric heat and hot water. Our meeting area is in the front and storage area in the back half of the building. The meeting area is gyprocked including the ceiling and insulated. It heats easily and stays warm but we don’t used in the colder months anyway. Curtains on the windows, pictures of our events and antique pots, pans and saws line the walls. Without doubt, maybe the nicest building on the grounds.

The meeting room also has a stove, refrigerator, kitchen counter and sink, and a microwave oven which have already found good use for several successful beans and brown bread meal served in that room during the Hants County Exhibition every September.

We have added to other parts of the building too. There is a full line-shaft setup outside and we belt a steam engine driven by air to the shaft and then belted to various vintage line-shaft driven equipment. And now there is a vintage windmill, complete and pumping water.

The following pictures show the progression of the initial construction in 2001.

The new building extension, June 29, 2006